Sunday, July 27, 2014

Foodie : Star Village

Last night, I was feeling a little hungry because I didn't eat my dinner. So my dad decided to bring my family (my mum, brother and I) for dinner/supper. We went to this place called Star Village. There are a few branches around Selangor but the one I went to was in OUG. 

My mum did not order anything because she knew some of us wouldn't be able to finish our food. So, we shared :) 
I ordered a Lamb chop with lemon mints sauce. The sauce tasted like everything it said. Lemony and minty. If you're a fan of mint, the sauce is definitely for you. But, I wasn't able to finish it on my own as I'm quite a small eater. 
Lamb chop with lemon mints sauce (RM22.80)
(it doesn't come with the bun)

My dad ordered a Grilled Cheese Chicken Chop. The sneaky little me, managed to steal a few bites from him. I really liked it. There were a slice of cheese and ham on top of the actual chicken, which makes it even better! 
Grilled cheese chicken chop (RM21.90)

Little brother of mine (not so little after all) ordered a Roast Top Rib Eye Steak. The beef was really tender. I personally don't really enjoy black pepper, but if you're one of those who loves black pepper, you'll definitely love their sauce. 
Roast Top Rib Eye Steak (220g RM32.80)

I had a really nice time with my family. We never fail to bond over nice food 

Food : 7/10
Price : 7/10
Environment : 5.5/10

♡ If you live around the area, would you give this restaurant a try? ♡

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